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Increase your Credit Score so you can Refinance your Home for Better Interest Rates Attorney in Seattle, Washington

When reaching a settlement for a fraction of the amount on your credit card or collection agency debt, we often are able to to settle upon the condition that there are NO related derogatory marks on your credit report.

Need to improve your credit score so you can do a cash-out Refinancing? Seeking a HELOC? We are here to help.

Most Debtors don't realize that in the course of settling credit card debt, that their credit scores can actually increase significantly. Not only do you save typically between 35-70% off your credit card debt, but in doing so, you increase your credit score so you can get the savings you desire when seeking a Home Loan Refinancing or HELOC. It's a win-win. For you. A double benefit.

We had a client with $40,000+ in debt make use of our services, and once our representation began, the Collection Agency ceased collecting on the debt, and no longer pursue this bill. Our legal fees in this instance were for only 10% of the $40,000. That's $4,000, for an overall savings of $36,000+. Not bad as a hoped for "investment", eh? A net savings of $36K!

And some clients come to Seattle Debt Attorney PS for their credit card debt settlement purposes even 1) before being sued, or 2) before having late payments. One such client had, in round figures, $50,000 in a handful of credit card bills, and was anticipating going through a nasty divorce and custody trial.

Our Firm settled these for roughly 35% of the full original $50k. $50,000 X 35% =$17.5K settled debt--a savings of over $32 thousand bucks.

So whether you are looking to increase your Credit Score before seeking a Home Refi, or even seeking to settle your credit card/Collection Agency debt after receiving, for example, a Cash-out Refi, we are here to help.

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