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Traffic Infractions Defense Attorney in Seattle, Washington

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If you were recently cited for a run of the mill moving traffic infraction such as speeding, or running a red light, negligent driving, etc... it’s important that you seek legal representation as soon as possible, and especially well before the timeframe indicated on your traffic infraction citations (most courts allow only 15 days to reflect that we are contesting it).

While one traffic infraction that is later found committed in court may not seem like a big deal, it's typical that insurance companies jack up their insurance premiums over $1000/year and many times more (!) if you’re found to have committed it. The monetary fines you gotta pay if found committed are nothing compared to your increased insurance premiums! Additionally, multiple violations may result in the loss of your driver’s license.

These can cause some SERIOUS DEBT related issues for you for years!

Thankfully, our low Attorney fees are almost nothing compared to the increased insurance annual premiums!: 1) Most standard moving infractions carry a low flat fee of $300-350 for one appearance/representation for court; 2) Negligent driving is typically only $500.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Once Smithson Law Office/Seattle Debt Attorney PS gets involved, you'll be advised of the steps to take in order to avoid or minimize additional legal consequences. If you’re facing a traffic offense, we will act quickly to try to have your charges dismissed or negotiate an agreement with prosecutors to keep your moving violation off of your driving/insurance record. You'll get aggressive representation every step of the way.

If you’re ready to save serious $ relative to jacked up insurance premiums for years, call today to set up a consultation.

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