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You Are Never "A-Loan" Reach Out Today


Stopped Medical Bill Collection from Going to Lawsuit

My hospital screwed up medical billing and, long story, it went to collections when it should not have He was able to talk to the collection agency and resolve the matter speedily.


Great Attorney to Work With

Chad is awesome to work with. From the start, he gave me a realistic expectation of my case outcome and updated me with any development throughout the case. I will recommend him to any of my family/friends. Thanks, Chad for all your help.


He's Our Hero

Bottom line: Chad produced outstanding results for us in a challenging situation. If it was luck, then he gets credit for making sure we were positioned to benefit.


Analytical, Reliable, Insightful

Mr. Smithson has helped me with a couple of issues over the past 8 years. He has been consistently reliable and insightful in his advice. He is very good at analyzing the overriding issues of each case and thus able to advise with professional clarity.


Excellent "Bedside Manner"

I have had the opportunity to work with Chad Smithson in several different capacities over the last 13 years. His professionalism is unequaled. Personally, what I would like to share is the last time he advised me as an attorney. What struck me most was his attention to detail, his compassion, and his genuine concern for my situation. Combined with his people skills and verbal acuity, that is what I playfully called his "bedside manner." Most importantly, my situation was resolved in my favor!


Honest and Effective.

Chad is as friendly as he is knowledgeable. His counsel helped guide through a home foreclosure prevention, which was successful. He goes the extra mile to ensure understanding and a positive result.


Mr. Smithson is VERY Knowledgeable About Credit Law...

Chad took his time to provide me with some valuable information regarding fairly simple issues with my credit report. He referred me to someone that could provide the service I needed. Also, during our conversation, I discussed a friend's issue with delinquent accounts that are in collections. He provided some options that I will forward to my friend. I would recommend Chad Smithson to anyone who seeks assistance with in-depth credit problems. He is very knowledgeable about credit law.


Quick to Act and Very Helpful

Called up this lawyer, Chad Smithson to file Chapter 7 immediately so that my wage garnishment would stop. Very quick, decent lawyer fees, and very helpful. All I did was give the required paperwork and he did the rest. The best thing is he has two offices and can be reached immediately for any questions. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a Chapter 7/11 bankruptcy lawyer.