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Proven Legal Strategies for Debt Collection Settlements and Defense

Smithson Law Office/Seattle Debt Attorney Chad Smithson has weathered the storms in representing thousands of clients in court throughout his 25+ year legal career. Some have complimented me in being BIG HEADED with what I've learned over the years. Good for you! Bad for the Debt Collectors!!! So, here's some great insights we have come to understand:

After you have been sued, Local Court Rules allow me to 1) only enter a Notice of Appearance. Many if not most Creditors just drop the case, so it may not be advisable to seek settlement at this stage. 2) If they escalate, we enter your Answer for the first time. Many if not most of the remaining Creditors drop the case. It may not be advisable to seek settlement at this stage. 3) If they still escalate, we discuss additional strategies, which may lead to seeking settlement for a Fraction of the alleged debt, or else we escalate in defense. Each of these 3 steps requires the Creditor to spend additional legal fees on alleged debts for which they have no guarantee to secure even if in the long run they obtained a judgment :>)!
Feb. 3, 2023